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About Me

I'm a young student, programmer, and nerd from Finland who spends most of their time doing all kinds of cool stuff with computers.

I'm a student at Aalto University, currently halfway through my BSc (tech) degree. My major is Computer Science and I'm minoring in Information Technology, focusing primarily on radio technology.

I'm also an active and respected member in the Testausserveri ry community for young Finnish hackers


I'm currently daily driving a T480

I have previously used the following machines:


I spend a big part of my time programming. I'm most experienced with C/C++, Rust and Haskell

My experience ranges from full-stack development to embedded development. I'm generally more interested about low-level stuff.

Here are some of my notable projects:

Additionally I've made contributions to large open-source projects such as Transmission.

Find more of my code on my GitHub page


I've been using Linux-based system almost exclusively since 2019.

I maintain my own email server based on postfix and dovecot.


To get in touch with me, please email.

Email is generally the best and most reliable way to reach me.

An alternative way of reaching me is through Discord where my username is lajp.