About Me

I'm a young GNU/Linux-enthusiast and programmer from Finland who spends most of their time doing all kinds of cool stuff with computers.

I'm also an active and respected member in the Testausserveri ry community for young Finnish hackers


I've grown very fond of using products from the IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad -line. Currently I am a proud owner of five ThinkPad machines, those being the T440p twice, the X200, the T450s and the W540. Find more information about how I use my ThinkPads in their respective articles.


I spend a big part of my time programming. My primary programming languages are C and Rust.

Here are some of my notable projects:

Additionally I've made contributions to large open-source projects such as Transmission.

Find more of my code on my GitHub page


To get in touch with me, please email.

Email is generally the best and most reliable way to reach me.

An alternative way of reaching me is through Discord where my tag is Luukasa#9330.